Friday, December 2, 2011

First Week of December

I can hardly believe it is the first week of December! Today was so mild and sunny, that I took my camera and went for a wonderful walk in the sunshine. The sun kept playing in and out of the clouds with me, making great shadows and high contrasts. I took a lot of nature photos which I had hoped to upload, but for some reason, I cannot upload any photos right now.

I woke up so early, excited for the day, and wanting to take full advantage of the light while it is here. The days do seem to short right now, I look forward to the Solstice already.

Slowly, slowly, I am gearing up for the Christmas season. Only a few more days until my daughter arrives home from Norway. She has been in Europe now for almost a full year! I want to make sure her room is nice and welcoming for her when she arrives!

Can Christmas be coming in just over three weeks??????

Lots to do and create between now and then.

Happy creating!


1 comment:

Laila said...

I feel the same way. Christmas so close and lots to do. And the increasing daylight right around the corner. Yeah...
I so look forward to the New Year always such a good feeling with a brand new year.