Thursday, September 15, 2011

Traveling Art Journal

My travel journal is bulging at the seams. Nearby are some alphabet letter stamps that I have been trying out. They worked great!I am adding details to my journal now that I am home again. For my trip, I did carry a miniature set of alphabet stamps in my bag that I found at Michael's for $1.00. Luggage allowances are getting smaller and smaller, so I really had to think about the size of journal I wanted to carry, and how many art supplies I would really use. I had a smaller zippered bag, filled with pens, a travel size watercolour set, a tiny set of alphabet stamps, and a glue stick. That seemed to be all I really needed. I also carried a child's set of fiskers scissors, but they had to go separately in my checked luggage. Some security checkpoints would probably allow them, but I didn't really want to have them seized in case they weren't allowed through security. No big deal. I could always tear out bits and pieces from magazines or brochures along the way until I had my luggage again.

The funny thing on the trip was passing through security in Paris at CDG Airport. My security checker made me unpack my entire carry-on daypack. This was where I had my art supplies stowed. The art pens were of the most interest to her! She asked me "Are you an artist?", and she indicated that my Micron pens were very, very expensive to buy in France. We laughed together and i told her she should come and visit N. America where the art supplies are so much cheaper! She agreed. I had the feeling that she didn't need to check my bag as much as she needed to check out my art supplies!!! :)

Artists always love to exchange ideas about their favourite tools and techniques!

Happy creating,



Dandelion and Daisy said...

Thanks for stoping by my blog! It was fun to read that you had just made a trip to Norway. My mother was born in Norway and we have relatives on the island of Hitra. For three weeks we entertained a 21 year old cousin from Stockholm. Maybe, some day we will get there, too. Hope you stop by again.

quinncreative said...

I love the art supply story--we always want to see new art supplies, even if we are TSA agents! You really chose well on what to take. I don't often take the letter stamps, but you've made me re-think that choice.