Monday, September 26, 2011

Cloth Paper Scissors Studios Magazine and Creative Gatherings

This is exciting! My friend Nicci was one of the featured studio artists in Cloth Paper Scissors Studios Magazine.
And I was pleased to be asked to photograph her studio for the article! And our friend, Jeni brought her camera to help with all the fun.

Here are some of the original photos from our photo session.

And here are the actual published pages...

Last week, we gathered in Nicci's studio for a little artful lunch. I made blueberry muffins. This is probably the last batch of fresh blueberries I will have to use in baking this year. But happily, I have frozen some for later.

Here is a photo of a few of the original members of our creative artists group. We've been gathering and creating for over 8 years! These ladies always provide me with lots of inspiration and cool ideas.

Thanks for hosting us Nicci! Your studio is beautiful and it is always fun to get together there!

Happy creating...


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mail Art Fun

A little while ago, I saw a posting in an email group posting, from an artist saying that if you sent your mailing address, she would send you a hand-painted envelope! Having seen so many blog-posts from various people saying they get cool art in the mail, I thought it would be fun to send in my address to see what happened!

Well, imagine my delight when I received this lovely piece of art in the mail...with Norway maples, (having just returned from Norway, I thought perhaps someone was reading my mind!) and Horse chestnut leaves (with my horsey daughter, this couldn't be more perfect), I had to rack my brain to see if I had given any clues about myself. Nope. Nada. No clues, just wonderful serendipity!

Here is the link to M.H. Dunaway's blog.

And here is the post about her mail art project!

I love real mail, snail mail, handwritten letters, love letters, valentines, birthday cards and more! I really, sincerely hope that mail is not a dying art! If you feel the same way too, maybe you can participate in a mail art project like this too!

Enclosed in the beautifully decorated envelope, was a fortune too! I love this! Thanks made my day...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Traveling Art Journal

My travel journal is bulging at the seams. Nearby are some alphabet letter stamps that I have been trying out. They worked great!I am adding details to my journal now that I am home again. For my trip, I did carry a miniature set of alphabet stamps in my bag that I found at Michael's for $1.00. Luggage allowances are getting smaller and smaller, so I really had to think about the size of journal I wanted to carry, and how many art supplies I would really use. I had a smaller zippered bag, filled with pens, a travel size watercolour set, a tiny set of alphabet stamps, and a glue stick. That seemed to be all I really needed. I also carried a child's set of fiskers scissors, but they had to go separately in my checked luggage. Some security checkpoints would probably allow them, but I didn't really want to have them seized in case they weren't allowed through security. No big deal. I could always tear out bits and pieces from magazines or brochures along the way until I had my luggage again.

The funny thing on the trip was passing through security in Paris at CDG Airport. My security checker made me unpack my entire carry-on daypack. This was where I had my art supplies stowed. The art pens were of the most interest to her! She asked me "Are you an artist?", and she indicated that my Micron pens were very, very expensive to buy in France. We laughed together and i told her she should come and visit N. America where the art supplies are so much cheaper! She agreed. I had the feeling that she didn't need to check my bag as much as she needed to check out my art supplies!!! :)

Artists always love to exchange ideas about their favourite tools and techniques!

Happy creating,


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Write Time

I love vintage typewriters. But that doesn't mean I don't appreciate the ease of current technology. I cannot imagine having to go back to using "white-out" and "correction tape". Oh yeah, I am old enough to remember the agony of making corrections manually after typing an almost perfect document.

Sometimes I think that writing a piece with pen and paper stimulates a different part of the brain than does using a computer.

It's all good...all the tools have a place in my repertoire.

Happy creating,


Friday, September 2, 2011

The Power of Art to Heal

I recently returned from traveling to Oslo, Norway. This is one of the most beautiful places in the world. So vibrant, fresh, wonderful.

Oslo suffered a terrible tragedy on July 22, 2011, where a madman perpetuated a bombing and horrific attack by shooting and killing more than 77 people, including many young people who were at a summer camp.

This senseless act of violence saddens and sickens me, as it does everyone all over the world.

Many people in Oslo asked me if I was afraid to go to Oslo after this happened. And my answer was, no, of course not. If anything, it determined my resolve to go to a place that I love and that I will not allow this terrible tragedy to taint the incredible love I feel for Norway.

I spent a great deal of time in the Oslo cathedral, several visits over many days, praying for the people that died and for their families and loved ones.

In one section of the cathedral, there were numerous drawings from children, with prayers, poems, wishes, and thoughts about what had happened. The floor was an art area with blank papers and crayons.

I felt that this was a powerful tool to help the children process this senseless crime. And the adults wandering around reading these messages of hope seemed to be receiving some semblance of healing at the same time.

Art heals. I truly believe that.

Creatively yours,