Friday, November 19, 2010

Portable Travel Crafting!

Last year, at JournalFest, I met a lady (thanks Marti!) who gifted me with a little package of materials for Handquilting. Since that time, I have made a few little pillows here and there, and enjoyed making them, especially when I am a passenger on long car trips. I have found the crafting to be therapeutic and soothing, and it helps me to not think about all the tons of heavy freeway traffic and semi trucks zooming past. It's a wonderful portable craft, not requiring too much intense thinking, and very forgiving in terms of being able to pack it up and go. I do have quite a stash of fat quarters and leftover bits of fabric which I can use up for this craft.

I have managed to make a "cool" palette quilt, which is going to be a soft book cover that I intend to hold a journal and some of my pens and art journal tools, and the "warm" palette quilt, I haven't quite figured out what it is going to ultimately be.

Of course, credit must go to Teesha Moore, who I think is the originator of making this type of quilting popular. Anyway, thought I'd share my "works-in-progress" here.

Happy creating!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fall in Love

I love Fall, it's definitely my favourite season...and what could possibly be cuter than gorgeous Golden Retriever puppies romping in fallen red maple leaves.... Here I am, cuddling and photographing one of the most adorable puppies.

Today, it's looking much grayer and we are hearing reports of our first potential SNOWSTORM! Woohoo. I love it when the local media goes crazy with snow reports. On the West Coast here, snow is a somewhat rare occurrence and creates all sorts of havoc on our hilly and slippery slopes. The funny thing is, the SNOWSTORM will probably not amount to anything more than a very small flurry of wet flakes or ice crystals that don't even last for more than an hour or two.

I have had a great and productive week...the paid work is flowing in! Which, in turn, makes me feel better and fuels my creativity. I need to explore why when my business is good, then I am flooded with creative ideas. And when business is slow, I feel too depressed to create! Ah well,

More updates here are definitely in the works.....

Creatively yours,