Friday, August 6, 2010

Writing In a Secret Garden

Sometimes you just need to use your own words. Although someone else's poem will touch you or GRAB your heart in the deepest of ways, and you think-- I need to write down those words and remember how much they touch me...

BUT OTHER TIMES, the pen DEMANDS that you capture your own words and connect with your own thoughts and memories. And IT'S IMPORTANT, not to run away from your own words. AND IT'S IMPORTANT, not to ignore your own voice that begs to be heard. YOUR OWN VOICE, YOUR OWN DESIRES, YOUR OWN DREAMS, the wisdom from your own life and experience, garnered from a multitude of experiences. Your personal encounters and deeply held beliefs. Colliding in that, which is YOU, which is SELF, which is UNIQUE.

Begging 'give me a chance', 'let me be heard', And this opens a tiny crack in the foundation of the wall that separates you from the rest of the world. A torrent of expression pours and multiples...AND INTENSIFIES.

Sometimes you just need to use your own words.

My words.

© Sandra R. Tice