Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Creative Day Inspirations

I am having "Creative Day"...trying to do a few things that are self-nourishing and self-healing, because lately I having been feeling quite anxious and a little bit out of sorts. So I am trying to eat healthfully, ride my bike, connect with a few friends, and indulge in all my creative supplies.

Today a few beautiful blogs that inspire me :

ihanna's beautiful juicy blog from Sweden....a wonderful burst of colourful visual journaling inspiration...always creative, always pure delight, i love ihanna!

Molly Gordon (Life Coach) had a message I really needed to hear in my email in basket this morning. Because along with my racing anxiety is my "monkey mind" and in this brief little video, she talks about the benefits of "focus", which quietens the mind, leads to momentum, which in turn leads to confidence, resulting in increaed creativity and freedom. Yay, Molly, focus makes a difference!

Happy creative day to you too!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Fills My Heart with Gladness

Spring has arrived so early on the West Coast. The beautiful blossoms beckon me to venture out with my trusty camera.