Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fabulous Art Day

On Saturday, I had the most fun day...such a to take part on the Peninsula Artist Studio Tour, in and around White Rock, BC. Above pictured my dear friend, Violette, snapped on my iPhone. Now, the great thing about iPhones is that you can instantly share photos. Although I have all the camera gear a girl could want, I'm finding the immediacy of the phone to be such fun, sending photos here and there, sharing on facebook, or here or wherever!

Well, Saturday turned out to be one of those sparkling, jewel-like Vancouver days, where the mountains glisten and the sun shines. What a treat to tour art studios, seeing beautiful art right in the locations where it is created. Inspiration everywhere!

It's been a crazy couple of work weeks, and I cannot remember the last time I had a fun day out with girlfriends, shopping and enjoying a wonderful lunch afterward. It was a MUCH needed, colourful inspiring breath of fresh air!

I particularly enjoyed seeing Violette's studio, as well as Jess Rice, a wonderful watercolour artist. I plan to take some lessons from Jess in the new year...and I am excited about that!

Another artist whose work I really enjoyed seeing was Mac Grieve

Well, actually ALL the artists were wonderful!

When I win the lottery, I plan to buy lots and lots of art!

Be inspired!


Friday, November 19, 2010

Portable Travel Crafting!

Last year, at JournalFest, I met a lady (thanks Marti!) who gifted me with a little package of materials for Handquilting. Since that time, I have made a few little pillows here and there, and enjoyed making them, especially when I am a passenger on long car trips. I have found the crafting to be therapeutic and soothing, and it helps me to not think about all the tons of heavy freeway traffic and semi trucks zooming past. It's a wonderful portable craft, not requiring too much intense thinking, and very forgiving in terms of being able to pack it up and go. I do have quite a stash of fat quarters and leftover bits of fabric which I can use up for this craft.

I have managed to make a "cool" palette quilt, which is going to be a soft book cover that I intend to hold a journal and some of my pens and art journal tools, and the "warm" palette quilt, I haven't quite figured out what it is going to ultimately be.

Of course, credit must go to Teesha Moore, who I think is the originator of making this type of quilting popular. Anyway, thought I'd share my "works-in-progress" here.

Happy creating!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fall in Love

I love Fall, it's definitely my favourite season...and what could possibly be cuter than gorgeous Golden Retriever puppies romping in fallen red maple leaves.... Here I am, cuddling and photographing one of the most adorable puppies.

Today, it's looking much grayer and we are hearing reports of our first potential SNOWSTORM! Woohoo. I love it when the local media goes crazy with snow reports. On the West Coast here, snow is a somewhat rare occurrence and creates all sorts of havoc on our hilly and slippery slopes. The funny thing is, the SNOWSTORM will probably not amount to anything more than a very small flurry of wet flakes or ice crystals that don't even last for more than an hour or two.

I have had a great and productive week...the paid work is flowing in! Which, in turn, makes me feel better and fuels my creativity. I need to explore why when my business is good, then I am flooded with creative ideas. And when business is slow, I feel too depressed to create! Ah well,

More updates here are definitely in the works.....

Creatively yours,

Friday, August 6, 2010

Writing In a Secret Garden

Sometimes you just need to use your own words. Although someone else's poem will touch you or GRAB your heart in the deepest of ways, and you think-- I need to write down those words and remember how much they touch me...

BUT OTHER TIMES, the pen DEMANDS that you capture your own words and connect with your own thoughts and memories. And IT'S IMPORTANT, not to run away from your own words. AND IT'S IMPORTANT, not to ignore your own voice that begs to be heard. YOUR OWN VOICE, YOUR OWN DESIRES, YOUR OWN DREAMS, the wisdom from your own life and experience, garnered from a multitude of experiences. Your personal encounters and deeply held beliefs. Colliding in that, which is YOU, which is SELF, which is UNIQUE.

Begging 'give me a chance', 'let me be heard', And this opens a tiny crack in the foundation of the wall that separates you from the rest of the world. A torrent of expression pours and multiples...AND INTENSIFIES.

Sometimes you just need to use your own words.

My words.

© Sandra R. Tice

Monday, July 19, 2010

Focus on the Now

Here's a quote on my desk..."Ask yourself two questions...what do you love to do...and why aren't you doing it?"

I've been giving some serious thought to that, and the answer is...create more, shoot more.

And putting myself out there more. The immediate result is a wonderful photo shoot I did last week, with new mom, Joanne and darling nine-week-old baby, Logan. I'm really, really pleased with the images, and I have scheduled a pregnancy photo shoot for tomorrow morning with Mom-to-be Kim.

This is definitely a direction I'm going to do more and more. So, the reminder to myself? "Focus on the now!".

New moms, new babies, precious.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Three Headed Monster

Here we go into the second half of June, and I feel like a three-headed monster. I've been trying to make changes in my work path, and exploring any and ALL potential forks in the road.

This has made me into a three-headed monster. First, I've been working as a Communications specialist/graphic artist for a number of years. So, while I explore new directions, I have to continue trying to bring in income. Therefore, my business head is Monster Number 1.

Monster Number 2... I have been exploring the idea of returning to school and adding additional credentials to my degree. To do that, I have taken 2 of the 3 courses I need, just to even apply to the program. Just finished the final exam for course number 2. Monster Number 2 feels old and superfluous.

Monster Number 3, Exploring my art, writing and photography further. Can you guess which head on the monster is getting shorted? Monster number 3 really really really would like a bit more attention!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Risks and Inspiration

I have always encouraged my children to go after their dreams. With those dreams come big risks. But also huge joys. My daughter received a nasty kick (from a horse) last week at work. She is a true professional and hasn't really been hurt before while doing the work she loves ( raising and training horses). But for a mother, what a scare! Keeping calm in the moment and trying not to, as my daughter says "freak out". Plus, with her being several states away from me, made it that much more tough. Ready to jump on the next plane to be with her.

But I knew in my heart she was going to be OK, and even through pain, she was describing the new foals being born every day on the ranch and I could hear the love in her voice.

So, the lesson is to continue to take inspiration from someone like my daughter who works so hard to follow her dreams, and not to give up on your own dreams in spite of the huge risks you may face every day...even when you receive a huge unexpected kick. And the photo above? It's taken from the beautiful ranch where she works.

Thanks be for my daughter recovering nicely! Amen.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Month of May

I had a rough day yesterday. Suffice it to say, that I reached for something new, gave it my best shot, and I did not get the results I wanted. Oh well. I keep reminding myself, that sometimes it takes a lot of "no's" until you get a great big positive "yes!". But, in the short term. I feel discouraged. And it sucks. And I am allowing myself a little time to retreat, feel the feelings, and hopefully I will soon feel ready to try again. So, that's the way it is today. Tomorrow will be better.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Creative Day Inspirations

I am having "Creative Day"...trying to do a few things that are self-nourishing and self-healing, because lately I having been feeling quite anxious and a little bit out of sorts. So I am trying to eat healthfully, ride my bike, connect with a few friends, and indulge in all my creative supplies.

Today a few beautiful blogs that inspire me :

ihanna's beautiful juicy blog from Sweden....a wonderful burst of colourful visual journaling inspiration...always creative, always pure delight, i love ihanna!

Molly Gordon (Life Coach) had a message I really needed to hear in my email in basket this morning. Because along with my racing anxiety is my "monkey mind" and in this brief little video, she talks about the benefits of "focus", which quietens the mind, leads to momentum, which in turn leads to confidence, resulting in increaed creativity and freedom. Yay, Molly, focus makes a difference!

Happy creative day to you too!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Fills My Heart with Gladness

Spring has arrived so early on the West Coast. The beautiful blossoms beckon me to venture out with my trusty camera.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vancouver Olympic Village

I am one lucky girl! I am Volunteering in the Vancouver Olympic Village this month, as a Workforce Communications Volunteer. Basically, this means I am producing a daily newsletter on-site, getting to meet so many wonderful people every day. The trek into town takes me about an hour and half each way, and I have worked 10 hour shifts, but I am having an absolute blast every time I am there! We are working hard to create a quiet "home" for all the athletes between their competitions. On Day 1 of the Olympics, two athletes burst out onto a high level balcony and shouted "Good morning Vancouver! Today is the FIRST day of the Olympics!" and gave each other a huge hug....

Woohoo! This is an amazing experience!!!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Year 2010 - The Year of Taking Action

Last year, I decided that I would focus on the word "Yes!" and say "Yes!" to new opportunities, travel and change. Now, we are at the beginning of the New Year, a New decade and a New time in my life, I have decided that 2010, as well as being a year of wonder and more will be a year of "ACTION!". I intend to plunge into the newness of life that lies ahead. I tend to be a thinker, a ponderer, and oftentimes a worrier, so my intention will be to not think so much, but to act upon my thoughts, to get busy and leap into action. This makes me feel full of fresh, powerful optimism for all that lies ahead.

My photo of this window into a secret garden symbolizes my commitment to stepping into that new world bravely and with certainty.

2010 has also been declared the year of the Pantone Colour Turquoise! One of my most favourite colours.....Combining the serene qualities of blue and the invigorating aspects of green, Turquoise inspires thoughts of soothing, tropical waters and a comforting escape from the everyday troubles of the world, while at the same time restoring our sense of wellbeing. To read more see the following link here: Turquoise.

So, with those thoughts, best wishes to you for a Happy and Prosperous New Year! And I wish you great leaps of ACTION into all of the lovely Turquoise dreams that you desire!