Friday, December 18, 2009

Preparations - the One Week Countdown to Christmas

Last night, we began putting up the Christmas tree, yes, a fresh one! Still holding out and not using an artificial tree. This is one part of the world where commercial Christmas tree growers still rely on sales for their family businesses, and the fresh smell of the tree is so much a part of the holiday 'senses' in our house. The lights are now on the tree, and this weekend we will decorate with so many ornaments collected from travels, and hand-made, including all the macaroni and glitter creations that the children have made at preschool, grade school, brownies and other activities throughout the years. Christmas is a magical time for us, as this is time of year we were married....we are celebrating our 27th wedding anniversary today!

Last year, I baked so many cookies, I think everyone in the family gained weight, especially me! This year, I haven't baked one single recipe, yet, although I plan to bake this weekend, just a little for my family arriving home on Monday, Winter Solstice. So here is a recipe I would like to share with you, from Canadian Living magazine. These shortbread bars are super easy to make, and they taste fantastic.

Meanwhile, I am still maintaining good eating habits, following the "Good Mood Diet", you can check that out on Amazon if you like. It's working really well for me. The protein component of each meal is keeping me sated and the absense of sugar and white carbs are something I have been wanting to try for a long time.

Merry merry Christmas preparations are fully underway! Enjoy the cookies and please let me know if you enjoy the recipe!

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