Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Most Amazing Fall Colour

I had no voice when I arrived at the Fort, as I was fighting off the end of a very bad cold, so I had lots of time to wander and shoot solitary photos while I tried to get better. This made it a little difficult to meet people, because I just wasn't feeling the greatest, and didn't want to pass on any stray germs that were still hanging on. But the colour of autumn was everywhere, and it was SO GORGEOUS, and I think I learned that even if I wanted to be all happy and sociable, this time, it was OK just to be introspective. be quiet and learn. But next year I will have my normal energy and then......woohoo!!!!


wendy lee lynds said...

these are lover-ly images! oh, you have a great eye!
love em! and you are a dear. totally enjoyed sitting with you at the third day and talking to ya on the ferry! nice ending to such an awesome time.........you are a DEAR!
wendy lee lynds from whidbey

Jane B. said...

this was another thing that was wonderful about the 'fest - you could be by yourself when you needed introspection, and with your soul sisters when you wanted company. Your photos bring it all back!