Wednesday, November 4, 2009

JournalFest 2009 - Day 3 with Stephanie Lee

The deepest writing I did was saved for Day 3 of JournalFest....."Unraveling Word" with Stephanie Lee. My days were like a wonderful cookie sandwich, quietude creamy vanilla wafer on the outside with Lisa Cheney-Jorgensen, scrumptious scribbleous strawberry jam in the middle with Traci Bunkers (I LOVE her vibrant fibres and art), and satisfying soul-food angelfood cake on day 3 with Stephanie Lee. You see what I mean, softer days on the outside, and zingy high energy day in the middle!

But my heart is left so full after writing for a full day, my day 3. I cannot remember the last time I poured words on the page so freely. I've done writing partner sessions before, which probably helped me a little, but I was jazzed to jump right back in and GO. Just as a little warm-up exercise we did these acrostic name poems for fun.

I was so lucky to sit next to the "Whimsical, Energetic, Noteworthy, Dynamic, Yippee-Skippee.....Wendy Lee", for a great start to partner writing.

Wendy gifted me with "Sandra is....Sensitive/Solitary...Articulate/Astute....Nice/Nourisher...Dearhearted/Dedicated...Realistic/Reflective...Assuring".....

Thank-you Wendy! I had the chance to get to know Wendy a little better during our writing day and more as we shared the ferry ride across the sound on the way home.

The fun news from Stephanie is that she will be offering her writing course online, sometime very soon.

"Unraveling Word" with Stephanie Lee was the catalyst I needed for jumping back into my writing with both feet, wildly waving a banner exclaiming "hurray for my writing and journaling practice!".

Stephanie as an instructor is a joy... Her thoughtfulness and ability to create a positive, supportive environment was great, and created a writing day which became one of the best I have experienced. She brought a wealth of materials, background reference books and exercises, and structured the class in such a way, so that everyone felt comfortable to participate and to open up enough to share their personal writing.

The pace was appropriate and allowed for highs and lows throughout the day. Humour was encouraged, and whatever limb we crawled out on with our writing allowed us to take risks and try new ways of writing both together and individually, and then, she was able to reel us back in and move to the next level.

It is not easy to wrangle with a group of energized, creative artists and writers and draw out deep thoughts, but Stephanie accomplished that with ease, and I left the day feeling ready to plunge with renewed passion back to my writing.

The stellar idea that came out of the day, was that we give little gifts of art as trades, so why not gift little trades of our writing??????

So, we did that and the little trade that I received was as follows...

"Don't be afraid to be yourself. You are beautiful just as you are...and have much to give. Step out--be BOLD! You might find that it is easier than you think... I look forward to the changes in the world that your BOLD action makes possible!!!!"

Isn't that great? I LOVE this....everyone in the class seemed to receive a perfect little gift of writing that seemed destined to fall in the perfect person's hands. is the challenge, can you send a little piece of writing out into the world, maybe in the form of a "trade" that might just make someone's day?

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wendy lee lynds said...

you are a dear!!! thz for the great reminder of how much the class meant to me and how much our time together meant to me, personally. and i wonder whose little note "trade" you got, hmm, should i give you a HINT!!?? oxxoxoxo