Wednesday, November 4, 2009

JournalFest 2009 - Day 2 with Traci Bunkers

"Love and Fear" with Traci Bunkers, was a much faster moving workshop for me, than Day 1 was. After a lovely quiet first day, I was ready for more energy, and I got it in this workshop! We came prepared with lots of magazine images and photographs of various things to incorporate into journals, and we prepared triptych pages (double-page spreads with a single foldout). One of the best little tricks I learned during the day, was so simple!!!! Using baby wipes to apply acrylic paint makes AWESOME backgrounds, and very smooth and nice colour to work on. The basic premise of the day was to think of a topic, for example, goals and dreams, to write a list, and then from that list, choose images that speak to you, and begin to play with art materials. During quiet contemplation with the images and delving in deeply, to see what comes up for you during the process. Layer upon layer upon layer, we tried covering up words, adding words, adding images and much more.Or you could write a letter to yourself, and place it in a hidden envelope or pocket, using that a start for a page. We made a lot of pages throughout the day, it will be fun to go back and use these techniques. Traci shared so many of her amazing journals..... Overall, this was an awesome day!


violette said...

Sandra....oh it was so much fun to live vicariously through you ! Looks like you had a grande time!

I had e-mailed Teesha about teaching at Journalfest a while ago but when she did finally e-mail me they had already had enough instructors. Maybe next year?

Love, Violette xo
I'm so happy to see you are blogging! yay!

wendy lee lynds said...

this looks like such a terrific class. i am going to try something like it SOON!!!!! any more notes on this class???? share, sahre.

Jane B. said...

Wasn't that class fun! Turns out we were in class together - I'm the person on the far right (back row) in your first class picture. Traci really gave me new ideas for working in my journal that I'd never done before. Such a cerebral and yet energetic class, gave me whole new tools and ways of thinking about journaling that I'd never tried before. So lucky to have taken it!