Wednesday, November 4, 2009

JournalFest 2009 - Day 1 with Lisa Cheney-Jorgensen

All i can say, is that Lisa is just the sweetest instructor ever....what a quiet and gentle start to the whirlwind of classes. The class was entitled "With One Stone", and we concentrated on drawing techniques, including pen and ink and watercolour, with touches of colour pencil. We also practiced some image transfers. Basically, the idea of slowing down, really trying to "see" and draw what we see, but in pen rather than sketching with pencil. No erasers allowed!

After lunch, we brought in an object to draw, and began a single journal page. Of course, the leaves were irresistable, and I came back with a beautiful leaf. I think sometimes journal pages can be too complex, too many images, too many thoughts, so I liked the idea of keeping it very simple and concentrating on just one thing.

Following ink drawing, came watercolour, cross-hatching, layering of colours with colour pencil, and a relaxing afternoon hanging out with everyone in the class drawing and listening to iPods.

Only lettering left to add at this point....


Jonna said...

Sandra - I don't know if we met at Journalfest if we did and I've forgotten I memory is not what it used to be. I flew in with Lisa and drove over from Seattle with her. We are almost neighbors...I'm about 30 miles from her. You are so right. She is such a sweet person and very calming. Your leaf looks amazing.

wendy lee lynds said...

oh, my gosh!! your leaf is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!
tromp 'loil!!!!! (spelling??) you are one talented gal!!!!!
simply gorgeous!

Jane B. said...

That leaf is amazing! The color and shading make it real; super work.

Lorna said...

Hi Sandra...Thanks so much for posting about Journalfest. I wanted to go, but had to choose between it or Artfest. Since I went to Artfest last year and had a ball made going again my choice, but it looked wonderful! Your leaf is beautiful!! Good job! Isn't it an unbelievable place to be with all the artsy folks? I can't wait for April!! Lorna