Monday, November 9, 2009

Finding Yellow - A Colour Walk

It's a gloomy and dark November day today.The wind is powerful and whipping the branches every which way. Most of the leaves have now fallen.

I wish to hang on to the vivid autumn yellows and golds.I'm not ready for endless rainy and gray days. So here are a few photos from my "Finding Yellow" walk from Port Townsend. If you look hard, you can find colour everywhere. It just seems to pop out once you are open to it. I told myself...look for yellow...and this is what I found.

A yellow fire hydrant.

In the distance, A yellow lab in a park photo shoot.

First yellow winter pansies.

Autumn leaves...

Looking skyward.

Drifting on the ground.

Yellow Fungi embedded in the tree bark.

A flaming torch in the middle of the park.

Everywhere yellow for me to hang onto, to carry into the depths of winter.

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